Iraqi Dinar Call Options 2023

I am renewing certain options for old established clients of mine , at my discretion at a new monthly rate , but I reserve the right to call these options at any point as advised previously .

A worked example for existing option holders , you hold 1 million in current 2015 New Iraqi Dinars that are quoted at roughly $1 to 1170 Dinars from the daily Central Bank of Iraq auction . (ie 1 Dinar is worth 0.00085 US Dollars currently) . If a redenomination and removal of 3 zeros occurs , your position will automatically be adjusted to 1000 NEW Dinars and 1 Dinar will then be worth 0.85 US Dollars ie. 85 cents . So the 1 million Dinars that had a previous value of $854 in Baghdad will still be worth $850 as the equivalent amount will be 1000 New Dinars x 85 cents = $850 .

Your option position you purchased and rolled over each month gives you the right to 1000 Dinars of the New Currency.

If you pay us the strike price agreed upon on purchase we can ship you the newly issued currency or you can continue holding the adjusted option position for an agreed monthly roll over fee .

We are still of the personal opinion that over time and with an improved situation in Iraq that the new currency will appreciate , we just urge great caution in unrealistic overnight gains .

It is very important that you understand that your 1 million position if re denominated/zero lopped as explained above will NOT be worth 1 Million New Iraqi Dinars .

Any queries , email us at sales (at) .

Buying Iraqi Dinar is a high risk investment . In addition , if Iraq changes it´s currency in the future it will be a highly complicated procedure and we cannot make any guarantees that we can assist with this  .

Only purchase what you can afford to lose . In addition we neither partake in nor agree with overnight RV rumors that have been going on for years . We simply buy and sell the currency. 

Whilst every effort is made to securely ship Dinars purchased from us , we are not responsible for customs issues in your country neither for theft or loss of the parcel .