New Iraqi Dinar Notes Issued 2014 – Improved Security Features

The Central Bank of Iraq issued an improved series of notes last April 2014 , they have similar and improved security features to the older 2003 series and we picture the new 25000 , 10 000 and 5000 notes below . There are a few design changes but they are very similar in look to the older ones .

Both the 2003 and 2014 issues are in circulation and both continue to be valid , as from this date where possible we will be selling the 2014 issue for new orders and all option agreements we have in place for monthly calls now will receive 2014 notes if exercised .

3rd May 2015 (update to January 2015 post with improved note pictures and detail to 25 000 note security)php8bLPXKAM phpSC3LCSAM phpUb9yjQAM123phpVZ2THoAM

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